Med­ical spe­cial­ty: Der­ma­tolo­gy

Dermatology is a medical field that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, prevention and rehabilitation of (infectious and noninfectious) skin diseases as well as benign and malignant skin tumors.

In Germany, the further training to become a specialist for skin and venereal diseases also includes – in addition to education and training in dermatology – venereology. Moreover, the following areas belong to dermatology: health counseling, (early) diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment, rehabilitation of the hypoderm, vessels and the skin-near mucous membranes as well as chronic and acute eczema disorders.

Among many other major research methods in dermatology are the excision of tumors, local and regional tissue transfer, skin grafts, intervention with cryotherapeutic procedures, intervention with laser therapeutic methods, sonography of the skin and lymph nodes close to the skin.

In Germany, further training to become a dermatologist or specialist in skin and venereal diseases takes 60 months. This training includes general dermatology, operative surgery, dermatologic-oncology, allergy and autoimmune dermatoses.