We are Junisa

Junisa is a leading medical provider for foreign patients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Since 1991, we have cared for more than 10,000 mostly Russian-speaking patients who sought medical treatment in Europe.


With more than 20 years of experience in the hospital sector, in patient care and medical organization, we work to a very high professional standard and have a broad medical expertise – we know which doctors and hospitals meet the high expectations of our patients. Our activities focus on the medical organization, a smooth course of treatment and the comprehensive medical treatment of our patients. We prepare your documents, provide you with various medical facilities to choose from, accompany you on-site to your medical appointments and translate for you the findings and diagnoses into your native language so that you are always up-to-date regarding your medical treatment. At the same time, we pay attention to a balanced cost-performance ratio allowing us to offer many treatments at a more favorable pricewith the same sequence and quality.


We would like to provide access to top European high-end medicine to a wide audience: to anyone, anytime, worldwide.


We set high standards for ourselves because we want the people who come to Europe and Junisa to get access to cutting-edge medicine. Medical quality is, therefore, very important. But what also counts for us: We want you to feel at home.

Our doctors are there for you at any time and answer all your questions. Our qualified interpreters and organizers ensure that your stay is well organized and that you are always up-to-date regarding all steps.

We are always nearby. At the same time, we offer highly specialized treatment options in all medical fields via our clinics that are tightly linked to each other. We improve constantly farther and do not stop looking for new partners.
In all areas, we offer our patients the most modern medicine of proven excellence. This is ensured by established processes that are followed by all employees.

We agree with our patients on individual treatment which we perform in an atmosphere of appreciation. We see the body, mind and soul as a unit. Our actions also include the needs of the relatives.

As one of the largest providers in the European region, we form a network together with our partners in order to provide optimal health care for people who seek treatment in another country.

We are a reliable partner not only for you, as a patient, but also for the referring physicians, clinics, insurance companies or travel agencies, but also for the attending doctors and hospitals.

We are an attractive employer with interesting, safe and family-friendly workplaces. In our company, competent and committed people from different backgrounds work together. Our dealings with each other are characterized by fairness, respect, challenge and support.

Our goals

Our goal is to become the market leader in health tourism with our online booking portal. Especially in this area, there is often a lack of transparency – there are many players, no control and quite a few times false promises. Our portal is high quality and provides the long demanded transparency in the market of health tourism by creating a list of hospitals, doctors, treatments and equipment. Such an overview will help you to make the right decisions.

Through our portal, our patients easily find the information they are looking for. They can send us all their data, findings and necessary documents conveniently in advance and digitally. We have own offices (or through our partner companies) in Munich, Berlin, Zurich and Moscow. Furthermore, we are preparing the opening of our branches in Dubai and Shanghai. These offices will help us accelerate our efforts on a local level.



Nikolai Savtchenko, Chief Executive Officer Junisa GmbH

Nikolai Savtchenko was born 1981 in Minsk. He is founder and CEO of Junisa. Due to many years of dedicated work in the health care sector, he can contribute a wealth of valuable experience. Especially patients traveling from the former CIS States to Germany and Switzerland benefit from his extensive knowledge and long experience in medical tourism.

Global Team


Ilseyar Yasli, Head Of Insurance Patient Department, Junisa GmbH, Munich

Ilseyar completed her studies in Linguistics in Russia and added a Master in Economics and Sociology from the University of Augsburg. Already as a student in Germany, Ilseyar started working as an interpreter and patient counsellor. Later she was the first employee at Junisa GmbH.


Tobias Riemann, Head Of Sales & Marketing, Junisa GmbH, Munich

Tobias is a Bachelor in Marketing and studied Social Economics at the University of Augsburg. He joined Junisa in 2009 with the tasks of accounting and controlling and is now responsible for marketing, sales and business development projects.


Tetyana Pavlishevska, Head Of Private Patient Department, Junisa GmbH, Munich

Tetyana studied Applied Linguistics at Lviv Polytechnic University in Ukraine. After moving to Germany in 2005, she got a Bachelor Degree in Translation Studies from the University of Applied Languages in Munich. Prior to joining Junisa in August 2015 Tetyana gained considerable experience of working in German healthcare sector as a self-employed translator and interpreter. Tetyana is in charge of our Private Patient Department at Junisa.


Quality Management

All our employees work highly professional and customer-oriented. Based on our long experience and expertise, we are used to professionalism and have been living transparency since Junisa was founded. As a preferred partner of various insurance companies in Russia, our business models are 100 percent efficiency-oriented. Our partners only pay in case of a successful organization and completion; the creation of cost estimates is free. In order to enable a smooth and comfortable stay for our patients, we make sure that especially our interpreters are regularly checked and re-trained and that our work processes are continuously improved.

Welcome statement by our Head of Quality Managagement:

"Improving the quality of our customer service is one of my core activities –  Junisa is focused on providing the best possible service to its customers. To realize this, we established the Quality Control Department which I head. One of my main tasks is to improve all processes in the area of service, customer service and customer orientation.

By constantly optimizing all stages of medical treatment, we create the conditions for a clear and fast work process. In this way we can avoid unnecessary costs. For our employees, we organize medical trainings and other training courses. The constant and direct contact with our patients also allows us to objectively evaluate our work to the greatest possible extent and to consider the wishes of our patients on short notice.

It is important to me that our customers always have the feeling that they are not left alone and get the support the need while staying in a foreign country. Your individual treatment abroad should leave as many agreeable impressions as possible, and at best be crowned with a positive result.

I always look forward to constructive feedback from our customers: Of course, I appreciate a positive feedback or a word of thanks in this context. But suggestions for improvement and criticism are also valuable for me, and I would never ignore them. The assessment of our work by our patients means a lot to me because the key to customer satisfaction and a successful collaboration is to achieve excellence, which is why all our efforts are aimed in this direction."

Internal Audit

We help you to control and check medical bills – no matter if you booked your medical stay abroad through us or not. If you have the feeling you got an incorrect invoice during your medical stay or if something else seems to be wrong with the invoice, we offer a review of these invoices. We can reliably judge if your bills match your individual medical expenses.

Data Protection and Medical Confidentiality

We will process all your inquiries and documents in strict confidence and in compliance with the applicable German data protection law and medical confidentiality. We are legally obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the information that our patients entrust us with. This medical confidentiality also includes – according to German jurisdictionthe name of the patient and the fact that somebody, in general, consulted a physician or a medical intermediary. This also applies to family members or spouse of the prospective clients. Our invoices and bills of hospitals and attending physicians are prepared for you in a transparent way by reviewing every single invoice together with you.

Figures, Data, Facts

Sector with steady growth

Medical tourism is a growth market. According to a study by Jens Juszczak (2013), head of the research division “Medical Tourism” at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, ten percent of the German hospitals are currently involved in international health tourism. According to Juszczak, the numbers of tourists in the area of health and medicine in Germany have increased sevenfold within a few years. At present, the foreign patients make up 0.4 percent throughout Germany; this amounts to more than 200,000 foreign patients per year. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of outpatients from abroad. The German health care system can, thus, count on a surplus of nearly EUR 1.2 billion annually.

High-End Medical Quality & Care

And the market continues to grow: The annual growth rate of demand in medical tourism reached around 16 percent in the last few years, which means that there are more patients each year. The "Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety" published five main reasons for the increasing demand:
Quality and reputation of the travel destination and the offer

  • Access in temporal, legal and ethical terms (e.g. fertility or sex selection offers)
  • Cost savings with regard to the respective competing offer
  • Privacy and care
  • Attractiveness of the region for tourists, also in terms of accompanying relatives

The top five departments within medical tourism are (according to Juszczak, 2013): internal medicine, orthopedics, visceral surgery, cardiology, and accident and orthopedic surgery. These five departments experience the biggest demand in the area of medical services sector by foreign patients that seek treatment in the German-speaking countries.

Russian-speaking patients

The German Federal Statistical Office published figures which indicate that up to 800,000 international patients were treated in German hospitals (inpatients and outpatients) in 2013. Patients from the EU's neighbors, the CIS countries and from Arabic-speaking countries represent the largest share; Russia has been the most important non-EU market for many years now: While in 2009 only around 5,000 Russians were treated as an inpatient in Germany, the German embassy and the consulates in Russia issued twice as many medical visa for Russian patients some years later (Juszczak, 2013). In 2014, more than 11,000 Russian patients were hospitalized in a German clinic. There were also additional 16,000 Russian-speaking patients who were treated as outpatients (Juszczak, 2013).

Comparing the last years we see that the demand for German medicine has increased so much that patients from Russia now account for the same proportion as those patients from all Arab countries together. In a yearly comparison, even an increase of 28.5 percent had been recorded, Juszczak said in this regard in an interview with the German medical journal "Hausarzt" (GP): "The treatment of serious illnesses cannot be postponed indefinitely. As many specialists are based in Germany, Russian patients will continue to come to our health facilities ".

Comparing the last years we see that the demand for German medicine has increased so much that patients from Russia now account for the same proportion as those patients from all Arab countries together. In a yearly comparison, even an increase of 28.5 percent had been recorded, Juszczak said in this regard in an interview with the German medical journal "Hausarzt" (GP): "The treatment of serious illnesses cannot be postponed indefinitely. As many specialists are based in Germany, Russian patients will continue to come to our health facilities ".


The priorities in the area of health tourism are prevention and health promotion, rehabilitation in the sense of tertiary prevention as well as an indication-specific pre- and post-operative care. In this area, there is also the key competence of the German spas and health resorts. Therefore, in 2013, the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Health set up a support program to promote Bavarian spas and health resorts, for example, in response to the ever-growing health tourism market in Germany. The Research Team “Urlaub & Reisen” (vacation and travels), F.U.R., indicates that such a health trip typically lasts around two weeks.