Bodenseeklinik Prof. Dr. Mang

Bodenseeklinik Prof. Dr. Mang is a beauty clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery. Prof. Dr. Werner L. Mang is considered the most famous plastic surgeon in Germany.

Medical spectrum

Bodenseeklinik is the largest beauty clinic of its kind in Europe. Its director, Prof. Dr. Mang, is considered a pioneer in the development of new surgical techniques. Recently, he developed a new method for nose correction. In addition, the clinic is famous for its so-called bio-lifting – the Bodenseeklinik is among the hospitals with the most facelift surgeries worldwide.

The medical spectrum of cosmetic surgeries ranges from nose jobs, facelift, eyelid correction, breast surgery, positioning of the ear, liposuction, hair transplant, wrinkle injections, skin tightening, chin corrections to dermabrasion and Cryolipolysis-CoolSculpting (fat reduction without surgery).


Bodenseeklinik is situated, as its name already suggests, right on the shore of Lake Constance. After a long development and construction phase, the clinic was opened in 2003. It is regarded as Germany's largest and most modern beauty clinic. Overall, it has 50 beds and four operating rooms. In addition, Bodenseeklinik is a training clinic and academy for plastic surgeons. At the so-called "Mang-school", more than 2,000 operations are conducted annually.

In the clinic, a private beauty center was set up for special follow-up care after surgery and treatments. There, both medical and cosmetic aftercare is offered –among the most successful therapy concepts is the so-called bio color light resonance therapy.

Registered medical specializations
  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery