Me­di­cal spe­cial­ty: Ra­dio­thera­py

Radiotherapy is a medical specialty that deals with the therapeutic use of ionizing radiation. The aim is to cure or curb benign and malignant diseases. The used rays are high-energy rays, mostly gamma rays, X-rays or electric radiation.

To become a specialist for radiation therapy in Germany, he/she has to complete a further training of 60 months. This training includes, among others, the acquisition of the  following skills:

  • Fundamentals in radiation physics and radiation biology
  • Fundamentals in radiation protection
  • System knowledge
  • Creation of therapeutic treatment plans with ionizing radiation
  • Application and assessment of imaging methods
  • Medication and accompanying physical treatments to enhance the effects of radiation
  • Aftercare and rehabilitation of tumor patients
  • Cytostatic, immuno-modulatory, anti-hormonal and supportive treatment cycles

The activity of the specialist in radiotherapy is subject to the Radiation Protection Ordinance.