The medical specialist in pharmacology and toxicology deals with the research, documentation and evaluation of pharmaceutical products and their application in diseases.

Among the tasks of the medical specialist in pharmacology and toxicology are the execution and evaluation of clinical trials, research of medicaments as well as transmission of information on content and effects of medicines. The goal is a more careful and effective use of medicines.

In order to become a medical specialist in pharmacology and toxicology, further training of five years must be completed after medical school.

Contents of this training include:

  • Performing biological measurement methods in the field of pharmacology and toxicology
  • Analysis and evaluation of toxicological effects and medically important toxins
  • Experimental research to analyze desirable and harmful effects of drugs
  • Knowledge of the influence of drugs on diseases
  • Morphological and histological examination procedure
  • Research in the area of the dose-response relationship of drugs
  • Knowledge of legal bases for the development and authorization of medicines