Med­ical spe­cial­ty: Or­tho­pe­dics

Orthopedics is a field of medicine that deals with diseases of the muscoskeletal and supporting system, including malformations or disorders of bones, joints, muscles or tendons.

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria, there are many clinics and practices specialized in orthopedic treatment. The operative orthopedics was characterized primarily by surgeons and evolved originally from the treatment of victims of tuberculosis and disabled war veterans.

For this reason, the two disciplines orthopedics and surgery overlap. Typical fields of activity of orthopedics are degenerative diseases of the joints and soft tissues, bone deformities, joint infections, osteoporosis and osteomalacia, rheumatology, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, tumor surgery and therapy techniques to the spine.

A special field of orthopedics is the traumatological-orthopedic sports medicine, which often treats luxations, tendon tears, torn ligaments, tendon ruptures and bone fractures.

Another special field of orthopedics is the pediatric orthopedics. Among the most common and most difficult diseases in this area are: aseptic bone necrosis, congenital pseudarthrosis, deformations of the femoral head, infantile femoral head necrosis (Morbus Perthes), hip dysplasia, club foot and congenital hip and knee dislocations.