Dr. med. Norbert Pfützenreuter

About this physician

The head and founder of MedNord, Dr. Norbert Pfützenreuter, is considered one of the most experienced minimally invasive surgeons in Germany. Besides his medical work, he published a book on birthing and regularly gives training courses for leading gynecological physicians.

Treatment specializations
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Gynecological surgery


Dr. Norbert Pfützenreuter was born in 1954. After his medical studies in at Heidelberg University, he worked as specialist in his own gynecological practice in Munich. Already during his time in Heidelberg, laser-endoscopic surgery has been a medical specialization of Dr. Pfützenreuter. Having more than 35000 minimally invasive surgeries, he is considered one of the most experienced endoscopic surgeons in Germany.

Dr. Norbert Pfützenreuter is Head and founder of MedNord clinic and holds the highest degree certificate (MIC III) for minimally invasive surgeons of the Working Community for Gynecological Endoscopy.

Dr. Norbert Pfützenreuter is author of "Geburt ohne Angst" (birth without fear), a book on birth preparation. Moreover, he regularly gives training courses in endoscopic surgery for Head and Senior physicians in renowned gynecological clinics.

  • Professional association of gynecologists
  • German Society for Laser Medicine (DGLM)
  • Working Community for Gynecological Endoscopy (AGE)