Waldeck Clinic

The Waldeck clinic is a state-approved preventive and rehabilitation facility with focus on cardiovascular, respiratory and orthopedic diseases.

Medical spectrum

In the field of cardiology, the emphasis of treatment is on acute myocardial infarction, coronary interventions, bypass surgery, surgical correction of congenital heart defects, pacemaker implantations and electrophysiological ablation treatments. In addition, cardiac diseases such as cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, heart failure and metabolic disorders, e.g. diabetes, are treated. Due to close cooperation with partner clinics, further examinations are possible, such as heart catheter examinations, pacemaker control, sleep apnea diagnosis, dialysis, cardio-MR (mitral regurgitation) and all radiological examinations.

In the clinical division of pneumology, chronic and acute respiratory diseases (e.g. chronic bronchitis or asthma) are paramount. These include pulmonary emphysema and therapies after pulmonary embolism, or after long-term ventilation or long-term oxygen therapy. In addition, treatment of the following typical pulmonary diseases is offered: recurrent pneumonia, rhinitis, sinusitis, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis and diseases of the pleura.

Orthopedists treat congenital orthopedic and acquired diseases of the postural and musculoskeletal system as well as degenerative and chronic inflammatory joint and spine diseases (e.g. rheumatism and osteoporosis). The treatment spectrum also includes follow-up-treatment of (sports) injuries and surgical interventions (e.g. artificial joints) of shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or after spinal disc surgery. But also the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is part of the medical treatment in the department of orthopedics


The Waldeck clinic is located in an extremely quiet location in a park. It has a garden and a private saltwater bath. Due to its proximity to the Black Forest, the Waldeck clinic is situated in an altitude of about 800 meters, surrounded by clear, pure forest air in a healthy healing environment (low humidity, no foehn, no heat accumulation, only a few foggy days, little rainfall).

The facilities of the clinic are spacious and modern. The patients can choose from 174 comfortable single and double rooms of the category "Classic" or "Comfort" as well as from several suites and apartments. The integrated wooden house with 35 rooms is  particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies. Concerning meals, a rich breakfast, lunch and evening buffet are offered according to the medical necessities.

In addition, Waldeck  clinic offers the following specials and services:

  • Waldeck Wellness & SaunaWorld
  • Gym
  • Guided walks and hikes
  • Swimming in indoor brine pool
  • Bistro Coffeesho
  • Zeppelin Bar
  • Library
  • Shop
  • Table tennis, boccie, garden chess, darts, table soccer, games
  • Roof-deck with orangery
  • Lawn for sunbathing
  • Daily changing offers by Bad Dürrheimer Club
  • Dancing parties, live music, concerts, lectures

Registered medical specializations
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • Pneumology