Rheintalklinik Astoria-Privatklinik Bad Krozingen

Rheintalklinik and Astoria-Privatklinik are clinics that specialize in the fields of orthopedics / traumatology and internal medicine / cardiology.

Medical spectrum

In addition to the treatment of diseases in the areas of orthopedics, cardiology and manual medicine, the clinic is characterized by the development of effective programs on prevention within these areas.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

This department focuses on degenerative diseases and fractures of the spine and extremities as well as therapies for a endoprosthetic joint replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder joint, the treatment of herniated discs, the primary care after amputations, including a prosthesis use training by certified therapists and treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Cardiology and internal medicine

The department of internal medicine specializes in cardiovascular diseases and therapies after heart surgery as well as myocardial and pericardial diseases. In addition, the treatment of hypertension and peripheral arterial occlusive disease, an age-related functional impairment and reduced adaptability of the cardiovascular system are offered.

Clinic for manual medicine

In the clinic for manual medicine, all types of movement disorders are treated. These include e.g. the infantile cerebral palsy, the quadriplegia, diplegia and hemiplegia, spasticity, dystonia and ataxia as well as incomplete paraplegia, craniocerebral trauma, stroke and persistent vegetative state. Furthermore, the focus of treatment is on the individual therapy of muscular atrophy, neuropathy, or post-polio syndrome. Even pain of joints, spine and headaches such as migraine is treated holistically. In addition, there are orthopedic measures, e.g. an adjustment of orthopedic inserts, orthoses, walking devices, wheelchairs or storage systems.

The outpatient physiotherapy team of the clinic also provides different treatment methods that are ndividually adjusted to the patient's needs.


Guests of Rheintalklinik can have coffee, cake and tarts in the cafeteria every afternoon. The nearby Vita Classica thermal baths are available to guests free of charge. In addition, 40-hectare large spa gardens are located in the immediate vicinity where events are held on a regular basis. It is also possible to attend concerts that take place in the Castle of St. Blasien monastery or have fun on the golf course 6 km away.

Additional services provided by Rheintalklinik at a glance:

  • Sauna and solarium
  • Thermal indoor pool and mineral thermal indoor pool
  • Medical training therapy (MTT)
  • Nordic Walking
  • Walking
  • Bike rental
  • Cultural event
  • Private park with mini-golf course
  • Reading room, TV lounge, library

Registered medical specializations
  • Internal medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • Manual medicine/chirotherapy
  • Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy